Investment Strategy
EXETER HOLDINGS acquires companies in strong, defensible industry niches. These companies utilize proven
manufacturing technology, sales and distribution strengths and product advantages to compete. Excellent growth
potential should be achievable through increasing market share, adding new products and executing
complementary acquisitions.
Acquisition Criteria
Stand Alone Acquisitions
Purchase Price:
Generally $15 - $100 Million
Minimum of $12 million
Minimum of $2.5 Million
Manufacturing and industrial companies
• US based
• Three-year history of increasing profitability
• Excellent growth prospects
EXETER HOLDINGS offers fees for acquisition candidate referrals that result in completed
Management Role
After an investment is made, EXETER HOLDINGS provides active strategic and financial oversight and
participates on the Board of Directors, leaving the day-to-day operations to the management teams. In all
cases, members of senior management are equity holders along with EXETER HOLDINGS. EXETER
HOLDINGS supports the company by providing business strategy expertise, identifying suitable add-on
acquisitions and providing additional capital to fund growth.
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EXETER HOLDINGS manages a private equity leveraged buyout fund that specializes in making control equity
investments in manufacturing and industrial companies in the $15 to $100 million transaction range.
Firm Description
Add-On Acquisitions

    Add-on acquisitions to existing portfolio companies are not subject to
    any size minimums, but rather are selected based on their strategic fit.

Acquisitions Referral Fees